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Leisure is time that each person spends differently. Some people like cycling, playing computer games, hanging out at a bar, or playing sports. Others want truly exciting, interesting, and challenging entertainment. These include escape rooms. They appeared quite a long time ago and have already gained popularity. Some people have gone through almost all such rooms in Vienna. They needed something new and it appeared - quests with virtual reality in This refreshes this entertainment and makes it interesting again for people already tired of quests.

A VR Escape Rooms in Vienna is a gaming experience where players interact with a virtual world using special virtual reality devices such as helmets, controllers, and other devices. Unlike traditional quest rooms, where players are physically present in a room and solve puzzles, in virtual reality quests, players are transported into a virtual world where they can move around, interact with objects, and solve puzzles.

Virtual reality quests often use 6DOF (6 Degrees of Freedom) technology, which allows players to move inside the virtual space with complete freedom of movement. This means that players can freely walk, run, jump, and interact with objects inside the virtual world. Virtual reality quests can have different themes, from fantasy adventures to scientific research missions or horror. They can participate as single players and teams. VR virtual reality quests typically use special virtual reality helmets, controllers, and other devices that allow players to interact with the virtual world.

The types of VR games

First, let's look at what types there are:

  • scary;
  • for large companies;
  • complex;
  • simple;
  • family;
  • cheerful;
  • for children.

Benefits of VR quests

Here are a few of them:

  • you train your memory and ingenuity. You have a specific time within which to complete a task or choice. Going on a quest once a month improves this ability;
  • for large companies;.
  • helps improve imagination. During the time in the room, people develop different thoughts about what will happen next;
  • motivation. Any participant starts looking for a solution and then catches fire and cannot be stopped;
  • different emotions during the quest. During this hour, you may feel fear, joy, or surprise;
  • helps to unite the team. If you go with a large group, you can get to know each other better.

Why Virtual Reality

Here are a few reasons why you should at least try a vr escape room :

  • These are entirely new emotions. You will not compare such an adventure with anything because it will be new and unusual.
  • Diversity. If you are the kind of person who has seen almost every room in the city, you are most likely already tired of them. Here you will get something new.
  • Large selection of quests. Because there is no need to build a particular room, virtual quests have a wider choice of options.
  • If you decide to relax with a group, go on a quest with vr room escape . This way, you will have a good time, use your brain, and be delighted with what you see.

Example of escape room vr games

Archer Have you ever desired to try your hand at archery? Have you ever dreamed of evolving into a medieval hero? In Archer, you have to fight hordes of orcs, goblins, and trolls attacking your fortress and defeat the main boss in the end! You can fight alone like a real hero, call your friends for support, and shoot monsters together. Hurry! Grab your bow and protect your castle from uninvited guests!

VR Cosmic Adventures With VR technology , you can completely forget about the earthly world and immerse yourself in space as if gravity never existed.

Your task is to conquer space and prevent an interstellar catastrophe. The tasks you will receive from the flight control center are unexpected, and you must react quickly to them. Work with the whole team to complete all the tasks and come back victorious.

Your heroic devotion is needed not only on planet Earth but also in space. An interplanetary catastrophe is approaching, and only you can prevent it. Defeat gravity and prevent disaster from happening. But be careful! Space does not forgive mistakes!

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VR Quest "Chernobyl"

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Survive on an island. Your adventure, your strategy.


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VR Multiplayer Game "Arena"

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