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Nowadays, feasting at home, outdoors, or even in a cafe is no longer relevant or banal. After all, now many services will save you from headaches about «what?», «where?» And « how?» and will offer a wonderful themed holiday to delight children. The entertainment industry has changed significantly recently; many proposals have appeared regarding organizing events. A relatively new form of entertainment – quest rooms – is very popular. This interactive game has a storyline involving solving various puzzles and logical tasks. In simple words, this is your adventure, where you become the hero (like in a movie, your favorite book, or game) of a plot or task that needs to be overcome.

If you want to spend your birthday in Vienna in a quest room, come to the organizers of Escapers. We invite you to go through the following quest scenarios:

  • Pirates of the Danube;
  • Drunken Jack;
  • Arena;
  • Chernobyl;
  • Jungle Quest.

The gaming center offers discounts for birthdays in the escape room Vienna and gift certificates for those who want to give the birthday boy unforgettable emotions. Choosing a quest room suitable for your friend is essential, and he will remember this Birthday forever. Organizers will help you decide which quest is best for you, tell you the rules, and give tips during the game.

What will change after completing the quest ?

Birthday quest in Vienna allows anyone to test their ingenuity, logic, and thinking. A company of several participants will find themselves in a closed escape room , and they will have no choice but to find a way out of the trap. It is important to invest in the allotted 60 minutes.

The person will have to try himself in a new role based on the plot of your chosen room. It can be detective, adventure, fantasy, or horror. In any case, you will experience unforgettable emotions and discover exciting sides of your personality that will help you in many situations. You will learn to get along better with your team at work, make important decisions, and show strength of character.

A birthday should be exciting and unforgettable, so going through an escape the room with your friends is a good idea for the holiday. In addition, this game is an excellent gift and entertainment for a child. This will help him develop better, think faster, and apply logic correctly, which is important for forming an adult personality. You shouldn't give this up.

Pros of quests as a name-day gift

Give your friend, colleague, or family member a real adventure and go with them on their Day to an escape room Vienna. The birthday person will never forget this day because good memories make positive and unforgettable emotions. Participation in the escape quest is:

  • Storm of positivity and new sensations;
  • Affordable on a budget;
  • An event that has enormous benefits for the body; endorphins have never harmed anyone;
  • Game that does not require a lot of time and a unique preparatory process;
  • Entertainment that does not require special intellectual knowledge, brain capabilities, or logical abilities. You don't need to be physically strong to overcome all the obstacles and be free;
  • An event that has no age restrictions or contraindications;
  • This is a great opportunity to combine fun and benefit.

In addition, the quest room is non-standard, unlike a huge sweet cake. A parachute jump is also an unusual gift option, but it costs a lot of money and requires special training. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, visiting a quest is a universal idea in Austria.

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