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If you want to recharge yourself with positivity, forget about your problems, plunge into your childhood, and get vivid impressions, it's time to take a break from your daily affairs and visit a quest in Vienna. If we talk about the benefits of quests, solving puzzles within a particular topic's framework trains memory, attention, logic, and thinking.

Also, this is a good way:

  • Test your leadership qualities;
  • Find out what kind of team player you are;
  • Develop self-confidence;
  • Distract children from gadgets;
  • Celebrate a birthday;
  • Just have fun.;

If you choose this team building option, corporate team building will go off with a bang.

In reality, quests are a new type of entertainment that has gained enormous popularity in its short existence. It represents a huge number of puzzles, rebuses, riddles, tests, and tasks that the team must complete within a certain period of time. The goal of the quest is to find the exit from the room. However, the game can often occupy not one room but an entire complex and sometimes even a street. In the first case, such games are called Escape Room . The team must look for keys, open safes, solve puzzles, and create a logical chain to find a way out of the room within a specific time. These kinds of quests are based on similar computer games.

Entertainment in Vienna

If we talk about entertainment in Vienna , the creators of an escape room do not always fully realize their idea: either there is not enough space in the room, or too expensive technologies are required. These problems are solved thanks to VR. In reality, the quest is limited in space and in the actions of the players; in virtuality, there are much more possibilities.

What are the advantages of VR quests over others?

VR quests are a new format of quests. They are a mixture of a regular quest and a VR game. The unusual world will show you that you can neglect physics, but magic and special effects are nearby.

You need this if you love puzzles and your imagination knows no bounds..

If you want to find the entertainment in Vienna Austria , VR quests are a unique game format that involves total immersion in the virtual world. The reality around you ceases to exist for you; you are transported into the game plot. VR has many more possibilities: you can solve riddles and fly, shoot, and overcome obstacles.

Future technology of VR games

Virtual reality games will no longer surprise anyone, but completing a quest in three-dimensional space is still a new experience for many. We offer three VR quests, each unique and interesting in its way. The game provides team interaction, so you can conquer new locations with your friends.

VR reality is truly an innovation in the world of escape rooms . Having put on the glasses, the player mentally leaves reality and moves to an unknown location. In the virtual world, everything is possible, from descending into an underground mine to flying into space.

Detailed graphics will make you believe that the world around you is real. The game offers a 360-degree view, and you can look left, right, and turn around. The plot is thought out to the smallest detail. You have a mission that needs to be completed in an hour. There are several difficulty levels so that you won't be bored.

«Escapers»: real fun in the virtual reality world

«Escapers» invites children and adults to visit VR virtual reality quests in Vienna. There are many games, such as Mind Horror and Archer. Amazing adventures, interesting tasks, and an exciting introduction to a new type of entertainment await you.

VR is a separate format of quests with its own rules and features. No matter how many rooms you go through, you will still be interested in exploring the virtual world.

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Sanctum Image

VR Quest "Sanctum"

Age restriction 16+
Halloween, Horror, Multiplayer, Escape-Room, Adventure

Short description:
Explore dark secrets. Your soul is at stake.


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The Prison Image

VR Quest "The Prison"

Age restriction 13+
Fluchtraum, Multiplayer, Adventure

Short description:
Plan your prison break. Show your courage!


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Mission Sigma Image

VR Quest "Mission Sigma"

Age restriction 13+
Fluchtraum, Multiplayer, Adventure

Short description:
Avert a nuclear catastrophe. Your skill decides!


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Cyberpunk Image

VR Quest "Cyberpunk"

Age restriction 13+
Futuristisch, Multiplayer, Escape Room, Adventure

Short description:
Infiltrate a cyberpunk setting. A theft that could change everything.


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Alice Image

VR Quest "Alice"

Age restriction 13+
Fluchtraum, Adventure, Multiplayer, Action

Short description:
Dive into Wonderland, shrink and help save time. A magical VR adventure!


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Signal Lost Image

VR Quest "Signal Lost"

Age restrictionen 13+
Futuristisch, Multiplayer, Escape Room, Adventure

Short description:
Save Earth from disaster. The secret of Asgard Station awaits.


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Arena Image

VR Multiplayer Game "Arena"

Age restrictions ab 10 Jahren
Shooter, PvP, Koop, Multiplayer, Action

Short description:
Fight in the VR arena. Prove yourself as a gladiator of the future. Action and strategy await you!


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Smash Point Image

VR Multiplayer Game "Smash Point"

Age restrictions ab 10 Jahren
Multiplayer, für Kinder, Entspannung, Arcade, PvP

Short description:
Cartoon multiplayer action in VR free-for-all. Who will win?


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