General Questions

1. Are there any age restrictions for participation?
Yes, most quest rooms and VR quests are recommended for children aged 10 and older, though some quests may have a different age threshold.
2. What measures are taken to ensure hygiene?
We regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces in the quest rooms and replace or clean props between games. All VR equipment undergoes scheduled daily disinfection and is also treated after each game.
3. Are there any health restrictions for participating in a quest?
Yes, participation in quests is not recommended for pregnant women and people with serious physical limitations or heart conditions.
4. Do I need special clothing to participate?
No, special clothing is not required, but comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended to ensure maximum comfort during the game.
5. Can I bring food and drinks with me?
Consuming food and drinks is not allowed in our quest rooms to avoid damaging equipment and props, which could lead to player injuries.
6. Can I participate if I've been drinking to enhance the fun?
Our staff do not perform tests to determine the level of alcohol or drug intoxication of participants. However, staff reserve the right to refuse participation if they deem the player's condition/behavior could lead to injuries to themselves or others.
7. Is it possible to take photos or record videos during the game?
Photography and video recording in quest rooms are prohibited to preserve the uniqueness of puzzles and the secrecy of the script for future players.
8. How can I participate in the game?
Go to the quest page from the list, select a convenient date and time, and book the game. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start.
9. Can I change the number of participants after booking?
Yes, you can change the number of participants, but please notify us well before the game starts.
10. Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?
Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your booking some time before the game starts.
11. If I made a prepayment and changed my mind/cannot play, will the money be refunded?
Yes, we will refund the full amount or reschedule your booking to another convenient date if you notify us in advance by any available means. If you paid for the game but did not show up and did not cancel your booking in time, the amount paid for the quest is non-refundable.
12. Do you offer gift certificates for quest rooms?
Yes, we offer gift certificates that can be purchased and given to friends or family for participation in our quests.
13. We are looking for a unique way to celebrate our special day! What can you offer?
On our website, you will find exciting quests and quest rooms for any life occasion, whether it's in Vienna oder St.Pölten. Our staff will be happy to help you choose a quest that suits you.


 For Quest Rooms

1. What is a quest room?
A quest room is a themed game where a team of players tries to solve a series of puzzles and tasks to "escape" from the room within a limited time.
2. How many people can participate in one game?
From 2 to 5 people can participate in one quest room, but this depends on the specific room and its size. When booking a quest room in “battle” mode, up to 8 people can participate simultaneously, split into 2 teams.
3. What is “battle” mode for a quest room?
“Battle” mode means that 2 teams simultaneously go through 2 identical rooms in a competitive mode. The team that completes the quest room first wins.
4. How should I prepare for the game?
No special preparations are required. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear, as the game may require active actions.
5. Are there animators/actors present in the quest rooms?
No. There are no animators who interact with participants in our quest rooms.
6. Do I need any special knowledge or skills?
No special knowledge or skills are needed to successfully complete the game, but attentiveness and ingenuity, as well as teamwork, will come in handy.
7. What happens if we do not finish within an hour?
After an hour, the room opens, and the game stops. To find out how the story ends, you'll have to come again ;)
8. What if we can't solve a puzzle?
If you get stuck during the game, you can ask for a hint, and our operator will definitely help.
9. Can I play in quest rooms alone?
Quest rooms are designed for teams, and solo participation may not only be less fun but also more difficult in performing tasks, and sometimes simply impossible.
10. What safety measures are in place in quest rooms?
All rooms are equipped with video surveillance systems, and staff are always ready to intervene if necessary. There is also an emergency exit in case of emergencies.
11. How much does the game cost?
The cost of the game depends on the quest format, day of the week, and time of day. It is most convenient to check the cost of games on the schedule page.


 For Virtual Reality (VR) Quests

1. What is a VR quest?
A VR quest is an interactive game conducted in virtual reality, where participants, using VR headsets, solve puzzles and perform tasks in a completely digital environment.
2. How long does a VR quest take?
The time can vary, but VR quests usually last up to one hour. However, the time depends on your skills and teamwork.
3. What languages are available for your quest?
Our quests are usually available in more than 30 languages, including Ukrainian and English. Please check the availability of the language you need before the game.
4. Can children participate in a VR quest?
Yes, children can participate, but we recommend it for children over 10 years old, as VR equipment can be heavy for younger children. However, children under 16 must participate under the supervision of parents/guardians/adults over 18.
5. Do I need to have experience with VR technologies?
No, all necessary instructions on using VR equipment will be provided before the start of the game. Experience with VR is not required.
6. How many people can participate in a VR quest at the same time?
The number of participants is usually limited by the technical capabilities of the equipment. Usually, it's 2-6 people, depending on the quest you choose and the booking venue.
7. Can I play alone?
VR quests are designed for teams, and solo participation may not only be less fun but also more difficult in performing tasks, and sometimes simply impossible. For those who like to play alone, we offer a choice of 5 VR games.
8. I wear glasses. Can I play in glasses?
Yes, you can play in our VR headsets with regular glasses, but there are limitations. Glasses with a frame width of more than 15 cm may not fit into the VR headset. If you are not sure whether your glasses will fit comfortably for playing with the VR headset, we recommend that you come to us before booking the quest to make sure it is comfortable for you to play in glasses.
9. Are VR quests safe for health?
VR quests are safe, however, people with certain conditions (for example, severe forms of claustrophobia or a tendency to seasickness) should consult a doctor before participating.
10. What are the contraindications for participating in a VR quest?
Contraindications include serious eye diseases (for example, glaucoma), a tendency to epileptic seizures, and serious mental disorders.
11. Are there any time limits on using VR equipment?
We usually limit the session time to one hour to minimize fatigue and discomfort among participants.
12. What should I do if I feel dizzy or uncomfortable during the game?
If you experience discomfort or dizziness, it is recommended to immediately remove the VR headset and inform the operator. We provide instructions and support in case of VR intolerance.
13. What safety measures exist during a VR session?
Our zones are equipped with soft coverings, and the equipment is regularly checked and disinfected. Instructors are also present to assist and monitor safety.
14. How much does participation in a VR quest cost?
The cost depends on the duration of the session and the number of participants. Detailed information can be found on our website or obtained from the administrator.
I still have questions! What should I do?
Just contact us in any way convenient for you.