VR Space Adventures

With VR Technology you can completely forget about the terrestrial world and immerse yourself into space as if gravity never existed.

Conquer space and prevent an interstellar catastrophe. All the task you are going to receive from the flight control center are unexpected and you must react to them quickly. Be smart, agile and fast in the whole team to complete all task and come back in victorious.

As a hero your commitment isn’t only demanded on planet earth but also in space. A catastrophe of interplanetary proportions is approaching and only you can prevent it. Overcome gravity and prohibit the catastrophe. But be careful! Space doesn’t forgive mistakes!

Quest is for 2-4 persons

Quest duration: 60 minutes

Participant's minimal age: below 14 if with adults, from 14 if alone

Place: Vienna

Vorgartenstrasse 150. Entrance on the corner of Vorgartenstrasse and Ybbsstrasse

Phone: +43 676 9101254