Our Space Room
Our heroes help not only on planet Earth – even in the cosmos they are right to the spot. A disaster interplanetary scale threatens! Do not let them and overcome the gravity. But be careful: The cosmos does not forgive mistakes.
Our Room Reckless Jack
Uncle Alex desperately needs help from the Escapers: he has become game-savvy and his wife wants to divorce from him. If he doesn't get any help, he'll be crazy soon. Discover his secret playroom as quickly as possible and chase the heated Jack out of his life forever.
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Reckless Jack

2 to 5 players

from € 22, – per Person

VR Game - Cosmos

2 to 4 players

from € 19, – per Person

Visit escape room Vienna!
The best rest for you and your friends!

Quest rooms have become a popular entertainment for young people and adults. Solving various tasks, developing skills – active rest gives not only pleasure, but also benefits. Visit the new quest room in Vienna and plunge into the world of positive and good mood.

Discover the escape the room Vienna

A fascinating adventure for friends, families or colleagues – quest rooms. Real fun for adrenaline lovers and puzzles. All this in our quest rooms. Don’t miss the opportunity to pass our quests with the whole company.

Why are exit room Vienna so popular?

Many people regularly come to the capital of Austria for a weekend, or stay here for a few weeks. During this time, most guests have time to visit all the most popular tourist attractions and they get bored. In addition, someone loves outdoor activities much more than walking around the city.

What does escape the room Vienna offer to its visitors?

Quest rooms are a great alternative for those who want to spend time with adrenaline, improve their skills and demonstrate their abilities.

Quest rooms come in various difficulty levels: it all depends on the tasks that await you. We offer to plunge into the world of space or visit the Hitziger Jack. Both rooms offer tasks of medium difficulty and are ready to give you an unforgettable experience. All you need is to familiarize yourself with the tasks and features of the rooms and book a date for you and your friends.

Depending on the composition of the team, from 2 to 5 people can take part in the game. With the help of VR-glasses, you can go to conquer the space and discover a new world, or defeat the hot Jack. In any case, a lot of positive emotions and new experiences are guaranteed!

Which Vienna escape room to choose?

If you are a fan of Star Wars, or are interested in space, then the Cosmos room is your choice. VR-glasses, special conditions, sound accompaniment – in general, complete immersion in virtual reality. All this is just for you and your friends. Be ready to perform serious tasks and show all your skills!

If you like card games or riddles, then you should pass the test of the Hitziger Jack room. Here you can practice shooting and card games. Excitement and drive is provided, you can be sure.

Escape the room Vienna: what is waiting for you inside?

Quest rooms attract guests with various tasks and riddles that need to be solved for a while, or just go through all the stages of testing. To cope with the task – you need teamwork, desire and a little time. Modern technologies, full immersion in the atmosphere and maximum realism of what is happening – this is what attracts young people and challenges everyone!

Exit game Vienna: new experience, new emotions

Develop your wit, shooting skills and playing cards, as well as train your vestibular apparatus – all this is possible with quest rooms in Vienna. What makes people attend such centers instead of walking along city sights and taking a few hundred photos? Of course, activity.


During the execution of tasks you will feel a surge of strength, joyful emotions and adrenaline. Because a new experience, especially in such conditions always leaves an indelible impression. One has only to go through such tests once and don’t want to leave the quest rooms. Never. Prove with the team that you are worthy of the title of winners!


Modern technologies made it possible to organize not only standard scenarios, but also to create absolutely new, stunning locations with their own atmosphere, insane tasks and a sea of adrenaline. As for example, the room “Cosmos”. In all of our quest rooms, we use the most modern equipment to ensure maximum guest immersion into the atmosphere of the quest room.

Mystery of Vienna: conquering space…

Create a team of 2 to 4 people and go to conquer space. This test is not for children and not for those who are weak in spirit. All the tasks you receive from the flight control center will be unexpected and you will have to respond to them quickly right during your stay on board the spacecraft. Be smart, agility and speed of the whole team to cope with all the tasks and return to the station winners. And yes. Such graphics and sound you have not seen or heard!

Live exit game Vienna: Working in the cosmos is not child's play

Go from one compartment to another and complete all the tasks that will come to you directly during work. This will test your reaction and speed, as well as the coherence of the whole team, because only through joint efforts you can achieve an excellent result!

Panic room Vienna: Train your body of balance

VR-technology allows you to completely forget about the earthly world and plunge into outer space with unusual sensations, as if the force of gravity no longer exists! Ready for this? Then order a session for a convenient date and hurry to conquer space!

Live exit game Vienna
Live escape game Vienna

Live escape game Vienna: secret tasks and a little more

Time? We do not have it! It is because all the tasks come directly during the execution of work on board the spacecraft. You will not know the script from A to Z until you complete each individual task. Only in this way, step by step, you can achieve your goal and show everything you are capable of. Oh yeah, be careful and check your vestibular apparatus. It is useful to you!

Vienna escape the room: order a date right now!

On our website, you can choose any convenient date and sign up with the whole team in order to be tested. Book a time and come to our center. Stunning emotions and unforgettable impressions are waiting for you every day! In any weather.

Escape game Vienna: Feel like a superhero

If you prefer active recreation and do not like walking around the city, Vienna can offer you exciting entertainment – quest rooms. Here you can feel like a superhero. For example, in the room of the Hitziger Jack many tests await you. You can play with a friend, and you can gather a whole company of 5 people. The main thing – to win hot Jack.

Solve puzzles Vienna: complete all tasks

Save Uncle Alex and his marriage to Jessica, find your way out of your uncle’s workroom and defeat hot Jack. These tasks are waiting for you in the room throughout the quest.

To reach the end, you will have to show everything that you are capable of. Otherwise, the task will not be completed.

Escape the room Vienna 1020: use the only chance

You can lose everything that you have, get infected by the game devil, but the most important test is shooting and playing cards. Use your chance to win and pass all the tests with your team.

The realism of the game is so high that every decision affects the further course of events and cannot be returned. Therefore, remember. One chance. One solution. One result.

Escape game wien
Escape the room wien 1020
Escape room wien für 2-4 Personen

Escape room Vienna for 2-4 persons: show what your team is capable of

Here you can significantly improve various skills. First of all, this is a team game. After all, only cohesion and the desire to act together will really help you cope with all the tasks.

Escape room Vienna 1020: where can I book?

The perfect vacation for a group of friends is available almost every day. And to learn more about the schedule, check the calendar on the site. For each room you can choose the appropriate date and book a session in the quest room online. In a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the Internet, this process takes no more than 2 minutes. Therefore, select the time now and rest assured – the quest room will be waiting for you.

Escape the room Vienna 2-4 persons: the team must win

The main goal in the quest room is to complete all the tasks. To do this, in each quest room is a team of 2, 3 or 4 people. Thus, the team game allows you to jointly solve tasks and come to the finish line.

Feel all the fun of playing with your friends along with quest rooms in Vienna.

Escape room Vienna - maximum rating

Almost all of our clients leave the most positive feedback about our quest rooms. Because active rest is the best rest in any circumstances.

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